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Oh yes this site is still alive. Expect the looks, feel and smell to change soon...

Cheers, Sanshi

Forum usage

Lately I've noticed people are rarely checking the forums. Please keep using them to convey ideas, complaints and other information as the data on the forums is stored and can be re-read by forgetful folk such as myself. So if you've got an idea, a complaint, or anything to say in general, use the forums. I have created a global thread (accessible through any forum category) for such ideas.

Cheers, Sanshi

Raidgroup signups are open!

It is now possible to sign up for either the Crusader or Kingslayer raidgroup. Please have a look at the raiding page for more info on the groups, and head over to the raiding forums to enlist!


Welcome to the new Blood of Heroes homepage. As you will notice this site is still under construction, but the forums are (still) operational. Please be patient and check back soon!